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Florida Fruit Crates Delivery

Fruits have been part of our diet for thousand of years. Fruits have enormous nutritional benefits and are thus usually recommended by doctors and nutritionists alike. Fruits have been used in perfumes, in food processing plants, and even as additives.

At Harvey's Groves hand picked fruits collected in crates are usually stored in sealed warehouses where temperature and humidity are closely controlled. When the fruits are put in crates, it allows them to air better and thus minimize spoilage. Carbon dioxide is increased, but oxygen and ethylene, a gas naturally produced by plants that accelerates ripening, is removed from the warehouses.  These and other treatments are necessary before fruits in these crates are shipped. If fruits have not ripened before they leave for shipping, increasing the amount of ethylene incident to the fruits could ripen them. Such separate ripening rooms are usually found in fruit storing warehouses. Fruit shipping is a complex process, as different factors including temperature control with refrigeration have to be taken into account. The additional processes are not necessary at Harvey’s Grove, because we ship the fruits directly from the Grove here in Florida.

Fruits are shipped through all modes of transportation, but the correct conditions for transferring fruit crates must exist. Some fruits crates like those containing grapefruits do not require elaborate fruit shipping systems. This is because grapefruits don't ripen after being picked. Unfortunately most fruits do, which means that that fruit crate containing fruits usually are exposed to some preservation and atmosphere control while shipping. When the fruits are directly picked and packaged in the Grove such preservatives are not necessary while shipping the fruit.

Fruit shipping is usually coordinated from warehouse to warehouse. That means that fruit crates travel from one controlled atmosphere to another to prevent spoilage and waste. Wholesalers buy fruit crates from the warehouses. One of the reasons fruits are more expensive than most vegetables is this requirement of temperature and atmosphere control while shipping.

Fruit shipping also involves distribution channels. Retailers usually adhere to one of the distribution channel usually operated by a wholesaler in a local market. Fruit crates are also transferred to fruit processing and juice producing plants. Quick-freezing and atmospheric control are also carried out during the fruit shipping process.

Avoid your fruit being exposed to such preservatives and treatments. Order directly from Harvey’s Groves! Shipping is direct from us to you. No fruit crates only beautifully decorated Gift baskets. Order today and enjoy our healthy fresh fruit tomorrow!