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Florida Grapefruits

One of the best fruit-growing states in the United States is Florida. When you think of fruits from Florida, you’ll surely think of citrus fruits like oranges, grapefruits and lemons. Harvey’s Groves offers the freshest fruits and edible gift baskets online at

About half of the world's production of Grapefruit comes from the United States, with the majority of it coming from Florida. There are more than twenty variations of Florida Grapefruits. The two major yellow varieties of Florida Grapefruit are Duncan and Marsh, and the major pulp based varieties are Ruby and Webb.  Florida Grapefruits continue to ripen after they are picked so you can even take them with you on a picnic or just store them for future.

Few people can resist the sweet palatable taste of fresh Florida fruit. A glass of healthy and refreshing Florida grapefruit or orange juice is a great way to begin your day. The natural taste of organic fruits from Florida rejuvenates the body in all seasons.

  Fruits are renowned for their nutritional value. Florida Grapefruits are particularly known for their health benefits. Florida grapefruits are very low in calories, and are considered to be a good source of Vitamin C and Inositol, a Vitamin B complex compound. These fruits are extremely good for you and your health.

It’s great to quench your thirst by taking a sip of Florida orange juice. The juice has a scrumptious, delicious, and mouth-watering taste to it. Florida orange juice gives that unparalleled taste that is guaranteed to satisfy your thirst.