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Red Naval Oranges

Oranges are a widely enjoyed refreshing citrus fruit, known for its many varieties. There are many varieties of oranges available in the market. The navel orange is a seedless orange, with medium-thick rind. Navel oranges are specially savored for their taste and for the simple reason that they are seedless.

Navel oranges were originally brought into the United States from Bahia, Brazil in 1870 and thus the naval oranges are still called as Bahia. The true connoisseurs savor the sweet palatable mouth watering taste of red navel oranges.

Navel oranges are rich in nutritional content. They have abundant Vitamin C and Vitamin A and to top it all, it has that unmatched taste of pure elegance. That is only one of the reasons people enjoy navel oranges. Another good thing about eating red navel oranges is that they are seedless. You don't have to think about seed dispersal, which makes it a better to those who find the seeds irritating while eating oranges.

In the United States, Texas grows the most navel oranges. But from the east to the west coast, one would not be entirely surprised to find navel oranges or at least a variant of oranges in each household. If you can't find the whole fruit, the juice that you drink for breakfast could well have come from one of those red navel oranges. Only about twenty percent of red navel oranges are sold as whole fruits, the rest going to fruit processing plants including juice makers.

The pulp of the red navel oranges induces the feeling of sweetness in your taste buds. The peel of red navel oranges is comparatively smoother, and the oil glands convex. There are more health benefits if one eats the whole fresh fruit rather than frozen red navel orange juice. So order online today at and get ready to enjoy the flavor!

Navel oranges also make great gifts. Red navel oranges have that palatable heavenly taste, and could be enjoyed on any occasion or season. Cut them, slice them, wrap them or just squeeze them to savor their unique taste. Order them today from Harvey’s Groves, the leader for over 80 years on the Indian River.