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About Harvey's Groves®

Harvey's first packinghouse, circa 1940.
Our first packinghouse opened
in Rockledge in 1940.

We started back in 1926 with a few oranges, some grapefruit and an old hand squeezer.

That was all Roy and Blanche Harvey had when they opened their first roadside fruit stand in Rockledge, Florida back in the 1920s. Fresh orange juice, hand-squeezed by Blanche, sold for 5 cents a glass at the original fruit stand on old U.S. 1.

The Harveys may have landed in Brevard County by accident (their car broke down on a trip from Cleveland to Miami and they didn’t have the money to fix it). But they clearly knew a good thing when they saw it … or tasted it, in this case. Because Florida’s Indian River region has long been considered THE place in America to grow luscious, juicy, sweet citrus.

Putting down roots in Florida.

Roy and Blanche decided to settle in Brevard County and bought their first grove of seven acres. Business was good, and in 1938, nephew George Harvey and his wife, Jannetta, joined the family business. It was a close-knit operation. Each couple took home $25 a week for living expenses, and put the rest back into the business.

Grading citrus during the '60s, one of our most important quality control tasks.
Grading citrus at the
packinghouse in the late 1960s.
The family acquired more prime land on Merritt Island, located right in the middle of the Indian River. A perfect combination of soil and climate, and years of hands-on knowledge and experience, produces gourmet fare fruit here that is thin skinned, plump, juicy and sweet. It simply outshines Florida citrus grown elsewhere.

In the 1960s, Roy and Blanche retired to south Florida, and George and Jannetta Harvey took the reins. George took an active interest in growing the business – and improving the citrus industry. Under his leadership, Harvey’s Groves® won more than 200 first place awards in Florida Department of Citrus fresh fruit competitions. And George helped found and lead the Florida Gift Fruit Shippers Association, a trade group that represents nearly all of the state’s major fruit shippers. Today, Harvey’s Groves® works with the FGFSA and the US Post Office to get orders delivered quickly, safely, and in excellent condition.

Growing the family, building the business.

Company owners Jim and Larry Harvey in 2009.
Brothers Jim and Larry Harvey
carry on the family tradition today.
Along the way, sons Larry and Jim and daughter Sharon joined the family, and the boys grew up in the business. Today, Larry Harvey manages 350 acres of prime citrus groves, making sure that irrigation, fertilization and harvesting meet his stringent requirements. Jim Harvey runs the company’s three retail stores and direct mail/ecommerce operations, and manages the packinghouse and shipping department.

Harvey’s Groves® is one of the few remaining family-owned groves in Florida. But the family’s commitment to providing premium products and excellent service is stronger than ever. To this day, it’s a point of pride that a member of the Harvey family checks and re-checks fruit as its grown, picked, packed and shipped. The Harvey’s wouldn’t have it any other way; their customers deserve the best. George and Jannetta, and Roy and Blanche, would be proud.