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Florida Fruit Gifts

Gifts Under $35
On a budget? Harvey's offers a variety of delicious fruit and candy gifts under $35. From juicy Florida Oranges and Grapefruit to Marmalades and Jams, fruit gift baskets to crunchy nuts, you're sure to find a perfect, affordable gift.

Citrus Fruits, Fruit Gift Boxes & Citrus Gift Baskets

Our Florida citrus gifts under $35 mean you can have your sweet, juicy Florida citrus fruits without spending a fortune. Our Florida fruit gifts pack our best citrus fruits with other treats like nuts and marmalades made from generations-old recipes. Enjoy these fruit gift boxes in your own family, or give these citrus fruit baskets to friends. Our citrus gift baskets offer fruits that burst with sweetness, yet are healthy desserts.

These Florida citrus gifts on a budget also include our unique milk and dark chocolate oranges that feature sections of milk or dark chocolate infused with essence of orange. Or try our Florida fruit gifts that pair tangerines and oranges, with a jar of our oh-so-heavenly honey. After trying our citrus gift baskets, you’ll be saving up your money for next season so you can order even more Florida oranges, grapefruit, tangerines and other citrus fruits from our family-owned groves.

Looking for Florida citrus gifts that don’t break the bank? Try our Florida fruit gifts, and discover juicy sweet oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits combined with nuts and other treat at under $35.

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Florida citrus gifts don’t have to be expensive with our selection of Florida fruit gifts under $35 to meet your budget.

Fresh Florida citrus gifts will fall in line with your budget at Harvey’s Groves. We have Florida fruit gifts that fit your budget of under $35. Choose fruit gift boxes with our famed Merritt Island grapefruit and oranges. Or select citrus gift baskets with marmalades made from our handpicked citrus fruits and generations-old recipes. We have the best Florida citrus gifts when you’re on a budget.

Our Florida citrus gifts feature our best hand packed oranges and other fruits. Choose Florida fruit gifts with our navel oranges that are easy to peel and seedless, for juicy bite after bite. Or try our fruit gift boxes with our Indian River Valencia Oranges – the ultimate oranges for the best fresh-squeezed orange juice. These citrus gift baskets can only be made better with one of our chocolate oranges with milk or dark chocolate slices infused with orange essence.

Other favorite Florida citrus gifts include our boxes of grapefruit. Try these huge Florida fruit gifts for a juicy treat. These fruit gift boxes are packed with huge, 1 lb or larger luscious grapefruits that are easy to peel and eat. Our citrus gift baskets also include seedless sweet Golden Marsh Grapefruit – a hybrid of the renowned Duncan White variety that is loaded with seeds.

In addition to Florida citrus gifts, we also have dried fruit selections, colossal nut mixes and the best marmalades made from our citrus fruits. Our Florida fruit gifts might also feature our chewy good coconut patties or pecan logs – Florida classics! Fruit gift boxes, of course, start with the very best citrus fruits. Once you try our citrus fruits, you’ll be spoiled for life, but don’t worry we have Florida citrus gifts to fit your budget!
Products 1 - 12 of 31