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Golden Grapefruit
Big and sweet with a velvety texture, this hybrid Florida Grapefruit is also seedless! Golden Grapefruit is a delicious and healthy way to start your day, and a welcome addition to any fruit gift basket.

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Golden grapefruit are so good, you’ll reach for more than one. These Florida grapefruit are big and sweet with a velvety texture. Bite into these hybrid sweet grapefruit and don’t worry about seeds; there are none. Our seedless grapefruit are great alone or buy them in our fruit gift baskets. These are the best citrus fruits around because they are grown to perfection thanks to our family’s years of experience growing orchards in the ocean breezes on the Florida coast.

These golden grapefruit are handpicked and hand packed before heading to your doorstep. With our Florida grapefruit and other citrus fruits, we take care to select only the best fresh fruits. Buy these sweet grapefruit by the bushel so you always have plenty to eat and some for special fresh-squeezed juice in the morning. Our seedless grapefruit are so good, they’ll even convert skeptics.

Sweet golden grapefruit are also seedless for an unbeatable taste in citrus fruits. Peel these Florida grapefruit and section them for a delicious snack anytime.

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You never go wrong with golden grapefruit from our Florida groves, where our citrus fruit grow in the ocean breezes.

Our velvety golden grapefruit are big and sweet citrus fruits that are free of seeds. Just peel these Florida grapefruit, and savor every juicy slice for a great breakfast treat. Or delight in these sweet grapefruit for a mid-afternoon snack that gives you a burst of sunshine from the Florida coast. These seedless grapefruit are the best hybrid citrus fruits around. Our golden grapefruit are not only delicious, they are healthy, too.

Try our golden grapefruit by the bushel, and you’ll see why citrus fruits grown at Harvey’s Groves are a step above the rest. Our sweet Florida grapefruit are perfected on our family groves near the ocean. These sweet grapefruit from the Indian River region soak up the ocean breezes and nutrients from our rich soil for unbeatable flavor, slice after slice. These best seedless grapefruit are available mid-November through the end of April.

Our golden grapefruit are handpicked and hand packed before delivery to your door. Our Florida grapefruit also benefit from our family’s years tending our citrus fruit groves. We take pride in our sweet grapefruit and only pick the best to send to your table. Our sweet grapefruit come alone, or can be ordered in a fruit of the month club. In addition to our seedless grapefruit in our Pre-Season 4-Month Fresh Fruit Club available from mid-December to mid-March, you’ll find navel oranges and other citrus fruits.

Also look for our golden grapefruit in our fruit baskets. Our Florida grapefruit and other citrus fruits combine in our gift baskets and boxes with other gourmet treats like Grandma’s Fruit Cake, colossal nuts and gourmet marmalades. Buy these sweet grapefruit gift baskets for your own family, or give them as gifts this holiday season. When biting into these seedless grapefruit, the recipient will remember you gave the best gift.
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