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Minneola Tangelos

Honeybell Tangelos
A cross between Duncan Grapefruit and Dancy Tangerines, Honeybell Oranges are a must-have for citrus enthusiasts. The season is short, so order your large, easy to peel and incredibly juicy Honeybells early and often!

Best Citrus Fruits & Honeybell Florida Oranges

Luscious sweet honeybell tangelos from Harvey’s Groves give new meaning to juicy citrus fruit. These easy-peel Minneola tangelos soak up the sun and sea breeze in our groves in the Indian River region, which produces the best citrus fruits around. Our honeybell oranges grow with a bright, fiery peel and a deep orange meat that drips in mouth-watering sweetness.

Our delicious honeybell oranges only last for a month so you’ll want to pre-order to make sure you get in on these sweet oranges done in Florida style. Buy our Minneola oranges alone, with grapefruit or as part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club. Or give these tasty honeybell oranges as memorable New Year’s gifts, as these citrus fruits are only available in January. However you purchase our citrus fruits, you’ll know you’ve found the best from our family-owned and family-run Florida orchards near the ocean.

Taste our juicy honeybell tangelos, and you’ll never settle for any other Minneola tangelos. Our easy-peeling honeybell oranges burst with flavor as you bite into these oranges’ deep orange meat.

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Sweet honeybell tangelos are so good, you won’t stop at one of these mouth-watering honeybell oranges.

Bite into our honeybell tangelos, also known as Minneola tangelos, for a burst of citrus flavor like no other. Our honeybell oranges are a cross between Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerines for an easy-to-peel citrus fruit that is incredibly juicy. But these honeybells Florida style don’t last long. The season for Honeybell tangelos is only about a month in January so you’ll want to pre-order these citrus fruits to make sure you don’t miss out. Order our juicy honeybell tangelos on their own, or order them with grapefruit for a special winter treat.

In addition to honeybell tangelos in our regular size, we also have petite honeybells from Florida. These smaller Minneola tangelos take snacking to a whole new level. After tasting these honeybell oranges, you’re sure to be hooked. Every bite of our honeybell tangelos results in a flavorful fountain of sweetness. Buy these sweet Minneola tangelos for snacks for the whole family. Or give these honeybells from Florida as tasty gifts that leave everyone happy.

Our honeybell tangelos are grown in the famous Indian River region, where the best citrus fruits are harvested. Our honeybell oranges soak up the sun, nutrients and ocean breezes on our family-owned groves on Merritt Island. We have perfected our Minneola tangelos as well as our Florida oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits over the years. We care for these honeybells from Florida so you can enjoy their juice-dripping-down-your-chin goodness in every bite.

Our honeybell tangelos always have bright, fiery peels, deep orange meat, and a luscious sweet flavor that can’t be beat. In addition to Minneola tangelos in boxes, we also make these tasty Florida oranges as part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club. Receive these honeybell oranges in January and other mouth-watering citrus fruits the other months. In addition to our unbelievably juicy honeybells from Florida, you’ll receive Florida oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, and other citrus fruits. Savor our Florida honeybells for one sweet, indulgent month this winter.
Products 1 - 5 of 5