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Navel Oranges
A traditional favorite, our large Florida Navel Oranges are thin-skinned, seedless and bursting with juicy goodness. We guarantee you'll savor these luscious oranges from Florida's acclaimed Indian River region!

Seedless Oranges, Florida Navel Oranges & Fruit Gift Boxes

Our Florida navel oranges will draw you in with their large, firm texture, and will keep you coming back with their juicy, sweet taste. Our seedless Florida oranges are dripping-down-your-chin good because we only harvest the best citrus fruits from our family-owned groves on Merritt Island. These thin-skinned navel seedless oranges soak up the rich soil and ocean breezes that make our Indian River oranges the best around.

Start with a crate of seedless navel oranges and grapefruit for your own family. These Florida oranges and grapefruit are packed in our old-style Florida cedar and pine crates for vintage-style citrus fruits sure to bring back sweet memories. Next, choose our Florida seedless oranges packaged with luscious chocolates, colossal-sized nuts and other goodies that make our fruit gift boxes the favorite gifts for the holidays.

Bite into our seedless navel oranges for a sweet treat that is packed with healthy goodness. Our Florida oranges soak up all the rich nutrients from the Florida soil as they grow in the ocean breezes at our citrus groves on Merritt Island.

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Gourmet navel oranges from Harvey's Grove are hand-picked and hand-packed for the juiciest citrus fruits this winter.

Taste our big, juicy navel oranges, and you'll be craving them all year long. Our incredibly sweet Florida oranges are grown in near-perfect conditions in our family-owned Merritt Island groves. We take pride in our citrus fruit groves that are part of Florida's acclaimed Indian River region known for producing the best-tasting Florida navel oranges. Our family grows these Florida navel oranges and other citrus fruits with knowledge and care gleaned from 80 years of growing citrus fruits. Our seedless oranges and other citrus fruits grow from rich, nutrient-packed soil and in warm ocean breezes for delicious navel oranges that are bursting with healthy goodness.

Our sweet Florida navel oranges are only available as special sugary treats in winter months. We hand pick our seedless Florida oranges and then hand pack these intense-tasting navel oranges for delivery to your door from mid-November to mid-January. Part of our citrus fruits selection, these Florida navel oranges are a favorite gift fruit year after year. Just one bite into our gourmet Florida seedless navel oranges, and you'll know why. Our thin-skinned navel oranges are large, firm and will be dripping down your chin for unparalleled juiciness and taste.

Buy our sweet Florida navel oranges alone and with our citrus fruits in our variety of fruit gift boxes. Remember childhood with our Florida oranges and grapefruit packed in our vintage Classic Crate that comes with a Harvey's Groves collector label. These Florida seedless oranges and grapefruit are shipped in a crate made of Florida cedar and pine, for an old-style orchard crate filled with our finest Indian River citrus fruits. Or, try our fresh fruit gift box with Harvey's Sweet Sixteen. In addition to our gourmet Florida oranges, you'll discover easy-peeling tangerines, crisp Fuji apples and pearfect D'Anjou pears.

After selecting Florida navel oranges for your family, order citrus fruits for gifts this holiday season. Everyone will love a crate of seedless Florida oranges. Or, select Florida orange gift baskets like our Holiday Snowflake Fruit Basket. Packed with gourmet Florida navel oranges, this big and festive all-wood basket is also loaded with blue-ribbon pink grapefruit, luscious chocolate treats, tangy fruit jellied bites and even our special recipe marmalades and jellies. With citrus gifts like this, you'll be the favorite this holiday season. And so will our navel oranges that bring a blast of sweetness to the winter months.
Products 1 - 12 of 34