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Best Citrus Fruits, Fruit Gift Boxes, Florida Orange Gift Baskets & Citrus Gifts

The best citrus fruits from Harvey's Groves are so mouthwatering good because they are grown in the nutrient-rich soil and sun of Florida. Bite into our navel oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits, and you'll taste the difference. We know how to grow Florida grapefruit, oranges, tangelos and other fresh fruits because we've been in the business for decades. Choose fruit gift boxes or baskets, as well as bushels of these favorite gourmet fruits.

Once you've had the best citrus fruits, you'll be hooked. Plump navel oranges and grapefruit come alone or together in fruit gift boxes. Also find Florida grapefruit and many other sweet juicy citrus fruits in many of our other fruit gifts. Fruit gift boxes are sure to be everyone's favorite gifts this holiday season, bringing back memories and creating new ones as they enjoy the best citrus fruits from our family-run orchards in the famed Indian River region of Florida.

Chin-dripping good, the best citrus fruits come from Harvey's Groves. Discover navel oranges, Florida grapefruit and other citrus fruits by the bushel or in our tasty fruit gift boxes and baskets.

Give the best citrus fruits as holiday citrus gifts, and don't forget navel oranges and other fresh fruits for your own family.

The best citrus fruits start with Florida sun and soil at Harvey's Groves. Our navel oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits are grown in the famed Indian River region and benefit from our decades of experience running our family orchards. The result: plump Florida grapefruit, seedless oranges, honeybell oranges and so much more. Choose as fruit gift boxes and baskets, or buy these fresh fruits by the bushel for a taste of our most popular gourmet fruit selections.

The best citrus fruits offer a juicy bite every time. Our chin-dripping-good navel oranges are good slice after slice for an afternoon snack. Our Florida grapefruit are perfect for breakfast, or peel them for slices of sweetness for a mid-morning treat. Find fruit gift boxes with both oranges and grapefruit. We also have citrus gifts with tangelos, temple oranges and so many more citrus fruits.

The best citrus fruits don't have to cost a fortune. Find navel oranges and other selections under $35 for tasty treats on a budget. Also discover Florida grapefruit and other citrus fruits for business gifts that are sure to make you a favorite colleague or boss. Fruit gift boxes and baskets from Harvey's Groves are always a welcome sight, whether at the office or the home of your friends and family.

With the best citrus fruits, your favorite season will become winter. Our sweet navel oranges are the perfect antidote to the winter blahs. Florida grapefruit are equally sweet, and come paired with our seedless oranges for a real burst of sunshine. Whether you choose fruit gift boxes or bushels of these citrus fruits, you'll love every juicy bite of these citrus fruits hand-picked and hand-packed for delivery to your door.