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Red Grapefruit

Ruby Red Grapefruit
Sweet, thin-skinned and virtually seedless, our Ruby Red Grapefruit will convert skeptics to enthusiasts with one taste. Our premium Florida grapefruits are healthy and delicious on their own and a perfect addition to fruit baskets.

Florida Grapefruit, Citrus Gifts and Fruits & Fruit Gift Boxes

Try our ruby red grapefruit, and you’ll be spoiled for life. Our luscious red grapefruit burst with sweet juicy flavors in every bite. These Florida grapefruit are sold by the bushel, or buy fruit gift boxes or gift baskets. In addition to citrus fruits, these gift baskets feature colossal cashews, special recipe marmalades and even Grandma’s Fruit Cake. These gourmet gift baskets and boxes are perfect gifts anytime.

Our ruby red grapefruit are in season from mid-November through the end of April so get them while they last. Our red grapefruit come in regular sizes and giant sizes for those who just can’t get enough of these tasty citrus fruits. Our Florida grapefruit are grown in our family-run groves, growing in the ocean breezes and soaking up rich nutrients from the soil. Biting into our ruby red grapefruit from the Indian River region, you’ll taste the difference in every juicy bite.

Delicious ruby red grapefruit are just some of the Indian River citrus fruits from our groves. We hand pick our red grapefruit and other fruits, and pack them by hand for delivery to your door.

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Sweet ruby red grapefruit are a sweet way of spending a winter day, with these Florida grapefruit coming in regular and giant sizes.

Ruby red grapefruit from Harvey’s Groves will make you a believer. Our red grapefruit burst with flavor, as you bite into these premium citrus fruits. Choose our Florida grapefruit grown in the ocean breezes on Merritt Island, where our citrus fruit trees soak up the soil’s rich nutrients. These Indian River citrus fruits include our regular-sized grapefruit, as well as our giant grapefruit that weigh in at about 1 lb.

Savor these ruby red grapefruit one slice at a time. These red grapefruit make perfect snacks at work or home. Our sweet Florida grapefruit are thin-skinned and virtually seedless making them easy to eat anytime and anywhere. Part of our citrus fruits selection, these gourmet grapefruit are available in mid-November through the end of April. Buy these ruby red grapefruit alone, in classic crates with other fruits or as a part of a fruit gift basket.

Try our ruby red grapefruit in our Classic Crate. These Indian River red grapefruit are paired with Indian River oranges in a cedar and pine crate that will bring up memories of yesteryear. Choose this Florida grapefruit and orange mix for a winter treat that creates new memories. Or give these citrus fruits, all handpicked and hand packed, or one of our other gift boxes or baskets to relatives and friends. They’ll find the best ruby red grapefruit and other citrus fruits and gourmet treats that will brighten any winter day.

Our other ruby red grapefruit boxes include our Crate of Giant Grapefruit. Bite into these Florida red grapefruit for a juicy burst of unparalleled flavor in these luscious huge grapefruit weighing in at 1 lb. Our Florida grapefruit collection also includes gift baskets filled with citrus fruits and other tasty goodies. Try our citrus fruits in our Holiday Snowflake Fruit Basket that includes blue ribbon pink grapefruit and thin-skinned navel oranges, as well as decadent chocolate-covered cashews, colossal cashews, and tangy raspberry and blackberry jellied fruit bits.
Products 1 - 12 of 31