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Seasonal Tangerines
Sweet, easy peeling Florida Tangerines are perfect for lunchboxes and briefcases, and are good-for-you snacks. Plump, juicy and mild in flavor, they're easy to peel and section. Available mid-January through March; get them while they last!

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Our tangerines and honeybell Florida oranges burst with sweetness in every bite. Try our Florida tangerines and honeybell oranges for a mid-afternoon snack or pop them in your lunch for a healthy, sweet dessert. These Florida oranges and tangerines are easy to peel with their thin skins, earning them the nickname, “Zipper Skins.” These juicy citrus fruits are only available for a limited amount of time so you’ll want to order early to get in on these gourmet oranges and tangerines.

Our flavorful tangerines begin their season in mid-November with a new variety maturing every two weeks so you can order these juicy citrus fruits several times. Our honeybell Florida oranges are so popular we always run out so order these Florida oranges early and often. Our Florida tangerines and oranges are grown to perfection in our groves near the Florida coast, where they soak up the ocean breezes and rich soil’s nutrients.

Tasty tangerines and sweet honeybells make for sweet treats this winter. Pre-order your Florida tangerines and oranges to make sure you get a taste of the juiciest oranges from the famed Indian River region.

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Tangerines and honeybell oranges are fresh-from-the-grove sweet citrus fruits delivered to your door.

These tangerines and honeybell oranges are so easy to peel, we’ve nicknamed them “zipper skins.” Our Florida tangerines and oranges are straight from our family groves, where we have learned to grow the best citrus fruits. Our delicious Florida oranges and tangerines burst with flavor in every slice. Pack these citrus fruits for lunch or pop them in your mouth for a snack anytime.

Starting mid-November, our tangerines begin to mature. We hand pick these Florida tangerines and hand pack these citrus fruits for delivery direct to your door. Then a new variety of tangerines mature for another gourmet crop of snacks for your work or school. Our honeybell oranges are not ready to pick until January and only last for the month. But these Florida oranges are so tasty, they’re worth the wait. For these citrus fruits, make sure you pre-order to ensure you get your share of Florida sunshine.

Our tangerines and honeybell oranges are grown in the ocean breezes on the coast of Florida. These Florida tangerines and oranges soak up the rich-soil for the best taste. One bite into these Florida oranges and tangerines, and you’ll know why Indian River citrus fruit is a prized gourmet treat. Our citrus fruits come in gift boxes and gift baskets. Or select our Florida tangerines and oranges as part of our fruit of the month clubs.

Our tangerines and Florida oranges are just the beginning of our sweet treats. In addition to these Florida tangerines and oranges by the box or basket, we also have other citrus gifts. Our gift baskets include our luscious citrus fruits, as well as marmalades, nuts and even our special Grandma’s Fruit Cake. So after pre-ordering our tangerines and honeybell oranges, select our gourmet fruit gift baskets for yourself or your favorite friends and relatives.
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