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Navel Oranges, Ruby Red Grapefruit, Honeybell Oranges & Honey Tangerines

Buy navel oranges and ruby red grapefruit by the bushel, or find them in fruit baskets and boxes that are packed with a burst of Florida sunshine. These and our other citrus fruits are so tasty, you'll wish these gourmet fruits were available from Harvey's Groves all year long. Our Florida oranges, grapefruit, tangerines, honeybells and other citrus fruits are so good because they're grown in rich coastal Indian River soil, where our family has tended orchards for decades. Try our honey tangerines or our ruby red grapefruit, and you'll know why you can't eat just once slice.

Our navel oranges and other citrus fruits are also sweet gifts this winter. Order ruby red grapefruits, honey tangerines, Valencia oranges and other citrus fruits in fruit gift boxes and baskets that also can include nuts, marmalades and the best fruitcake made from fresh fruits. Or give fruit of the month clubs with all their favorite fruits, from navel oranges to honeybell oranges. With fresh gourmet citrus fruits like these, winter will never be dull.

With navel oranges and other fresh citrus fruits from Harvey's Groves, you'll be leaving winter blues behind. Our Florida oranges, ruby red grapefruit and other gourmet citrus fruits burst with flavor as you savor slice after slice.

Chin-dripping good navel oranges, Valencia oranges, honey tangerines and ruby red grapefruit are grown in fertile Indian River soil for the best citrus fruits.

Navel oranges don't get better than this. Sweet juicy Florida oranges are the hallmark of Harvey's Groves, where we've grown the best citrus fruits for generations. Our navel oranges, ruby red grapefruit, honeybell oranges, Temple oranges and other citrus fruits soak up the rich nutrients and sunshine of the Florida coast. These gourmet citrus fruits grow in the famed Indian River region and then are hand-picked and hand-packed for delivery to your door. Our Florida citrus fruits are so good, you're sure to be spoiled.

Choose mouth-watering navel oranges for big juicy citrus fruits without the bother of seeds. Pair these seedless Florida oranges with our Valencia oranges and Temple oranges for tasty treats all winter long. You'll also find Florida oranges in our fruit gift baskets and boxes that include other gourmet citrus fruits and treats like marmalades, nuts and even a fruit cake bursting with real fruit goodness. For the best navel oranges and other citrus fruits all season long, try our fruit of the month clubs for months of juicy, fresh oranges, grapefruit and other citrus fruits.

Add honey tangerines to your shopping list for plump treats for lunchboxes and after school snacks. These honey tangerines are mild in flavor, and the tangerines are easy to peel and section. Pair with juicy honeybell oranges for a delicious snack anytime this winter. Honey tangerines are a cross between Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerines. Order these honeybell oranges early because the season does not last long ... and neither will these Florida oranges once they arrive at your home.

We also grow ruby red grapefruit and golden grapefruit that are chin-dripping good. These ruby red and golden grapefruit are perfect for breakfast, or pop the slices into your mouth for a mid-afternoon pick-me-up. These gourmet citrus fruits also are part of our many fruit of the month clubs, and fruit gift boxes and baskets. Order our fruit gift baskets and boxes as gifts this holiday. And order our fruit of the month clubs for months of the best fresh Indian River citrus fruits.