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Sweet Oranges & Florida Temple Oranges

Temple Oranges
Juicy and spicy-sweet, Temple Oranges are easy to peel and wonderful for hand eating. They section easily for use in recipes, too. Be sure to squeeze a few: the juice is light and refreshing!

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Juicy temple oranges are the perfect treat any time of day. Pack these sweet oranges in lunches. Or hand these Florida temple oranges out for snack times. Part of our Florida oranges grown in our family-owned groves, these temple oranges pack a spicy-sweet burst of flavor. The best citrus fruits, our oranges benefit from the ocean breezes and nutrient-rich soil on the coast of Florida.

Buy these temple oranges by the bushel so you have enough for fresh-squeezed orange juice. Or select these sweet oranges as part of Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club. These tangy Florida temple oranges never disappoint with their easy-to-peel texture. These Florida oranges are great to add to your favorite recipes that demand the best citrus fruits. Try our temple oranges, and ordinary oranges will never satisfy you again.

Temple oranges offer a spicy sweet taste in every juicy, mouth-watering bite. Section these sweet oranges for snacks any time of the day.

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Bite into our temple oranges for a burst of flavor from our handpicked sweet oranges.

Temple oranges are sure to spice up your winter with their unique flavor. These sweet oranges are best described as “spicy sweet” for a special treat. These Florida temple oranges aren’t available everywhere so you’ll want to buy them while they’re in season. These Florida oranges are only grown in a few places, with none matching the quality and taste of temple oranges grown on our family-owned groves.

These temple oranges are easy to peel and section so these citrus fruits are perfect for hand eating. Pop these sweet oranges into your mouth for snacks, or pack these citrus fruits in lunches for everyone. Our Florida temple oranges are great for recipes, like a favorite salad or entrée. These Florida oranges are also great for squeezing juice so buy a bushel or two this winter for a burst of Florida sunshine every day.

Refreshing temple oranges are not only sold by the bushel. Buy these Florida temple oranges alone, or combine these sweet oranges with grapefruit in a bushel or part of a bushel package. We also have these sweet oranges as part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club, which has a variety of other sweet citrus fruits. With these citrus fruits arriving every month, you’ll have healthy snacks for the whole family.

Our temple oranges are grown to perfection on the Florida coasts. These sweet oranges soak up the Florida soil’s rich nutrients and the ocean breezes for a healthy burst of juiciness in every bite. Tasting these Florida temple oranges, you’ll know what difference it makes for fruits to grow in the Indian River region. These gourmet Florida oranges and other citrus fruits will satisfy your sweet tooth while keeping your diet healthy.
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