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Valencia Oranges
Thin-skinned and sweet with a long shelf life, Valencia Oranges are versatile and luscious. Simply peel and eat! Section Valencias for a favorite recipe; juice a few for the best orange juice you've ever tasted. Delicious!

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Bite into our Valencia oranges for an explosion of taste. Our thin-skinned Valencia sweet oranges are full of flavor and make the best orange juice. Or, savor these Florida oranges slice by slice. Our Florida oranges and other citrus fruits are so good because they are grown on our family-owned groves, soaking up nutrient rich soil and the ocean breezes.

Buy our Valencia oranges by the bushel to have plenty for snacks and fresh-squeezed orange juice. Or pair these sweet oranges with our grapefruit for the perfect mix of citrus fruits. Our Valencia Florida oranges are also part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club, which starts in November and ends in May with these heavenly Valencia oranges. With these monthly citrus fruits, you'll have the sweetest healthy snacks for anytime.

Buy our Valencia oranges by the bushel or combined with other citrus fruits. These sweet oranges are part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club.

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Our Valencia oranges make the sweetest breakfast juice – and a heavenly treat anytime.

With our Valencia oranges, you'll learn the meaning of saving the best for last. Our Valencia sweet oranges are one of the last oranges of the season - and make the sweetest juice ever. Bite into these thin-skinned Florida oranges, and be prepared for a heavenly experience with the ultimate Florida citrus fruit. The juice of these citrus fruits is sweet and wonderfully refreshing when you eat these sweet oranges as snacks, and even better when fresh-squeezed for breakfast juice.

With juiced fresh Valencia oranges from our family-owned citrus groves on Merritt Island, you're sure to become spoiled. No other Florida orange juice will do. Juice made from these sweet oranges add intense flavor to any favorite recipe. Or sip on juice from these Florida oranges for the best orange juice you've ever tasted. Our Valencia Florida oranges are grown in our groves that we've perfected over our 80 years of tending citrus trees.

These Valencia Oranges come from the Indian River region that is known for the sweetest oranges that are nourished by nutrient-rich soils at the edge of the ocean. These sweet oranges are hand-picked and hand-packed at the right moment before swift delivery to your door. Our Valencia Florida oranges have a long shelf life so you can buy plenty to savor into the summer. You'll love adding these citrus fruits to salads or popping them in your backpack on a hiking adventure.

In addition to Valencia oranges by the bushel, we also have mixes of these sweet Florida oranges and tasty grapefruit to enjoy. Or choose our sweet oranges as part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of the Month Club that begins in November. Each month, receive fruit gift boxes with a different seasonal fruit that will leave you wanting more. In addition to Valencia Florida oranges, receive everything from sweet and spicy temple oranges to plump ruby red grapefruit. Buy these monthly citrus fruits for your family and don't forget an order of these delicious citrus gifts as presents this holiday season. Our Valencia oranges will finish the lineup in May, for a sweet way to enter summer.
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