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Fresh Citrus Fruit

Navel Oranges, Fresh Grapefruit, Honeybell Tangelos & Valencia Oranges

Fresh citrus fruits chase away the winter blues with a sweet medley of oranges, grapefruit and so many more fresh fruits. Our golden and ruby red grapefruit are plump and juicy, perfect for a breakfast treat. Choose our navel oranges and honeybell tangelos for a sweet afternoon snack, but be prepared to not stop at just a few slices. Don't forget Valencia oranges for a special glass of fresh-squeezed orange juice.

Fresh citrus fruits can also add pizzazz to any recipes calling for orange juice or zest, or other citrus fruits. Add ruby red grapefruits to your favorite salads for a sweet addition. Or try freezing our navel oranges and other citrus fruits for addition to a sweet libation. Whether sinking your teeth into honeybell tangelos or golden grapefruit, you'll have a burst of Florida sunshine to counter the winter blahs.

Fresh citrus fruits from Harvey's Groves grow to perfection on our family-run orchards in the famed Indian River region. Find the best ruby red grapefruit, navel oranges, honeybell tangelos, Valencia oranges and temple oranges.


Sweet and juicy fresh citrus fruits come by the bushel, or buy citrus fruit gifts or join one of our fruit savings clubs or fruit of the month clubs.

Fresh citrus fruits don't get better than this. Ruby red grapefruit and other citrus fruits at Harvey's Groves are so tasty because we have decades of experience growing fresh fruit in the famed Indian River region of Florida. Savor navel oranges, honeybell tangelos, Valencia oranges, temple oranges and Florida tangerines. Choose honeybell tangelos alone, or mix them with our other juicy citrus fruits.

Fresh citrus fruits come in bushels, as well as gift boxes. Find ruby red grapefruit paired with navel oranges for a dynamic duo of fresh fruit. Also find navel oranges, honeybell tangelos, Florida tangerines or golden grapefruit in our mixed fruit baskets and boxes. We also have fruit savings club, where you can choose your favorite Indian River citrus fruits for delivery each month during the winter. Or try fruit of the month clubs, for a different citrus fruit each month.

Buy fresh citrus fruits by the bushel for your own family. Also give ruby red grapefruit, oranges and other sweet treats as gift boxes for friends and family this holiday season. In addition to navel oranges, find temple oranges, Valencia oranges and other citrus fruits that also make tasty business gifts for bosses or employees. Our gourmet fruit gift boxes and baskets are sure to remind people of holidays past and create new happy memories.

We take care with our fresh citrus fruits. Our ruby red grapefruit, oranges and other citrus fruits grow in the nutrient-rich soil and sun of Florida. To our navel oranges, golden grapefruit, tangerines and other fresh fruits, we add our expertise of growing the juiciest citrus fruits on our family-owned orchards.