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Brevard County: 321-636-6072 1-800-327-9312
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Citrus Fruit Recipies

Citrus Fruit Recipes

Tasty fresh fruit recipes bring a burst of sweetness to any meal, any time of year. Try citrus fruit salad for lunch, mixing favorite greens with orange, grapefruit, honeybells and nuts. Or try citrus cakes for sweet dessert treats or snacks. Healthy holiday recipes are easy with citrus fruits. And don't forget fun fruit drink recipes for your next party.

Starting with fresh fruit recipes, you'll still be able to satisfy your sweet tooth and yet avoid adding extra sugar. Citrus fruit salad can be a simple drizzling of fresh squeezed orange juice over greens and other veggies tossed with nuts. Citrus cakes add a bit more calories, but their delicious taste is worth it. Try healthy holiday recipes as well as everyday dishes that start with the best fresh citrus fruits.

Trying fresh fruit recipes means you can enjoy citrus fruits all day long. Try citrus fruit salad for lunch, citrus cakes for a treat and a fruit drink recipe with dinner.

Enjoy fresh fruit recipes, from citrus fruit salads to fruit drink recipes to chicken drizzled in an orange sauce.

Create favorite fresh fruit recipes, from salads to sauces to cakes. Citrus fruit salad is made all the better with fresh citrus fruits from the Indian River region. Try citrus cakes packed with your tasty citrus fruits. And don't forget healthy holiday recipes that start with honeybells, oranges and grapefruit, including citrus fruit salad recipes.

Fresh fruit recipes can help you create everything from appetizers to entrees to dessert. Try citrus fruit salads that mix favorite citrus fruits with tasty greens, or use citrus juices to drizzle the salad with a tasty dressing. Delicious fresh fruit recipes also include sauces made of oranges and other fruits to spread over chicken breasts for a scrumptious entree. Finish the meal with citrus cakes that are moist and filled with citrus fruits.

Fresh fruit recipes can be woven into everyday meals. And, of course, healthy holiday recipes start with citrus fruits that make tasty salads and desserts. Citrus fruit salads include classics like the salad that mixes marshmallows with citrus fruits. Also find recipes for Mexican fruit recipes and Asian fruit recipes for an international flavor. For a finishing touch, make fruit drink recipes that will be the hit of any party.

Fresh fruit recipes make it easy to have a sweet treat without the calories of extra sugar. Citrus fruit salads can provide plenty of health benefits with vitamins and fiber, while being tasty, too. Citrus cakes may have more calories, but every tasty bite is worth it. Enjoy healthy holiday recipes and everyday recipes for dishes everyone will love.

George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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