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Citrus Fruit Salad Dressing

Green Salad Dressing, Healthy Salad Dressing & Low Calorie Dressing

Citrus Fruit Dressing, Fruit Salad Dressing, Grapefruit & Orange Vinaigrette

Simple and fresh citrus fruit dressing is best with fresh Indian River citrus fruits.

A delicious citrus fruit dressing is the perfect complement to any salad. Many people choose a citrus fruit salad dressing from the grocery store, when the most delicious, low calorie and healthy salad dressing can be prepared easily at home. A typical green salad dressing is comprised of two basic ingredients: oil and vinegar. Anyone can prepare an incredible citrus vinaigrette easily by combining those two basic ingredients along with the juices of citrus fruits like ripe Valencia oranges, fresh honeybells, sweet tangerines and juicy grapefruit.

A citrus fruit dressing can be as simple as sprinkling the fresh squeezed juice and zest of oranges onto a green salad, spinach salad or fruit salad. A green salad dressing created at home is free of preservatives and any other ingredients contained in store-bought dressing mixes. It’s easy to create a citrus fruit salad dressing using oil, vinegar, salt, herbs and the delicious juices and zest of oranges, honeybells, grapefruit and tangerines. And of course, a fruit salad dressing is even easier to create at home: squeeze the juice from scrumptious oranges and grapefruits into a salad bowl full of favorite fruits and stir!

Creating a citrus fruit dressing with oranges is one of the most popular citrus vinaigrette recipes. For a sweet green salad dressing, prepare a honey orange vinaigrette using Valencia oranges. Or experiment with a basic Valencia orange vinaigrette and add balsamic vinegar, or use sesame oil and soy sauce for a delicious Asian orange sesame dressing. In addition, a citrus vinaigrette featuring juicy oranges is ideal on gourmet creations like Crab, Mango and Avocado Salad.

For a unique citrus fruit dressing, use the sweet juice of honeybells. As a green salad dressing, the juice of honeybell oranges combined with oil and vinegar makes a refreshing citrus vinaigrette, especially for spinach salads. An orange vinaigrette of honeybells and rosemary is a great combination of flavors for any green salad. And for a fruit salad dressing, the juice of delicious honeybells is wonderful when mixed with citrus fruits, apples, pears and tropical fruits.

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Versatile and delicious citrus fruit dressing for favorite salads.

A citrus fruit dressing made with tangerines will always be a welcome addition to green salads, but it’s also a healthy salad dressing for seafood and vegetable salads. Create a citrus vinaigrette featuring the juice of tangerines for a tuna and frisee salad. Or prepare a delicious citrus fruit salad dressing with the juice and zest of tangerines for a roasted asparagus salad. Try creating a low fat dressing for any salad using the juice of tangerines along with mustard, garlic, shallots or ginger.

When salads call for a citrus fruit dressing, don’t forget sweet grapefruit juice. Ideal for a green salad dressing, grapefruit juice adds just the right amount of citrus flavor to romaine, endive or butter lettuces. Make a grapefruit salad dressing with soy sauce and rice vinegar for an Asian-style citrus dressing. A grapefruit vinaigrette with ginger is delicious served over steamed salmon and greens.

Any citrus fruit dressing can be a success using the juices of Valencia oranges, honeybells, tangerines and grapefruits. Whether used for a green salad dressing or fruit salad dressing, the juice of citrus fruits is a flavorful, healthy addition to salads. And a citrus fruit salad dressing also benefits from the zest of oranges, honeybells, grapefruit and tangerines. Along with a favorite citrus vinaigrette, add segments of Valencia oranges and honeybells to green salads to enjoy more citrus fruits in each serving.

A citrus fruit dressing featuring fresh juices from Valencia oranges, grapefruit, honeybells or tangerines is bursting with Vitamin C. Serving a low calorie dressing made of these citrus fruits on a green salad or spinach salad is a perfect choice for optimum eating habits. And a homemade green salad dressing or fruit salad dressing will impress family and friends at a dinner party or casual meal at home. Enjoy creating a delicious citrus fruit salad dressing every time using the freshly squeezed juices and zest from Valencia oranges, grapefruit, honeybells and tangerines.

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