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Deciphering Citrus Fruit Juice Labels

Juice from concentrate vs. not from concentrate and other juice labels

Natural juice. Juice from concentrate. Organic Juices. You've seen these labels and others on juice containers as you've wondered the aisles of your local grocery stores. But what do they mean? Does juice from concentrate vs not from concentrate make a difference? What counts as natural juice? Find the answers to these questions and more in the juice war of words.

Juice from concentrate

Juices from concentrate are juices that are evaporated to remove the water out of the juice. By creating concentrated juices, large corporations reduce the weight and volumes of orange juice, grapefruit juice and other citrus juices - and thus the cost to transport the juices. This juice from concentrate is then reconstituted, with the water put back in, at the companies' bottling plants and then packaged for retail sales. Juice from concentrate is the norm in the United States, but there is a cost. Because concentrated juices are over processed, the texture and aroma of the juices are much different from juices not from concentrate. For better tasting juices, try juice not from concentrate. Or even better, fresh squeezed orange juice purchased at the store or squeezed at home just in time for breakfast.

Juices not from concentrate

The juices not from concentrate label was a result of the reconstituted juices that came onto the market. But what does not from concentrate mean? Simply grapefruit juice not from concentrate, orange juice not from concentrate and other juices not from concentrate are those they have never had the water drained and then reconstituted. The label juice not from concentrate then also helps companies market their products.

Often juices not from concentrate cost more than juices from concentrate. So containers will announce juices not from concentrate to help customers feel more comfortable about paying more for these juices. But juices not from concentrate are not fresher or better tasting. Whether orange juice not from concentrate or another type of juice, the processing still means the juice is heated and stripped of oxygen and flavor and then put into huge storage vats for up to one year before being bottled. Juice from concentrate tastes the same as this type of juice and the same in freshness.

Fresh squeezed juices

Fresh squeezed juice is always the best choice. Fresh squeezed orange juice is exactly what it sounds like: a juice that is produced by crushing or squeezing of a fresh fruit. Fresh squeezed juices bought at the store should not be pasteurized (heated) in any shape or form because this alters the taste. In addition to buying fresh squeezed orange juice, grapefruit juice and other juices, you can also buy fresh fruits to squeeze at home for the ultimate in fruit juices.

Natural Fruit Juice

Natural fruit juice is another marketing ploy to appeal to customers who want healthier choices. A juice labeled natural fruit juice simply means it not contain any artificial ingredients, coloring ingredients or chemical preservatives. It does not mean it's organic. Any fruit juices, like any food, labeled organic must pass federal regulations to have an organic label.

George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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