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Harvey's Groves
Brevard County: 321-636-6072 1-800-327-9312
Office hours: Mon.-Sat., 8:00am-5:00pm EST
Brevard County: 321-636-6072 1-800-327-9312
Office hours: Mon.-Sat., 8:00am-5:00pm EST

Coming to our retail stores in late October...
the best fresh-squeezed orange juice you've ever tasted!

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Fresh juice will be available when stores open in October. It cannot be shipped.
Maybe the best oj on the planet!!! -- Facebook review, Joel W.

Reasons Harvey's Fresh-Squeezed Orange Juice is SO Delicious

Our juice is super-chilled,
not heated.

Other juice producers pasteurize, or heat, their juice so it will last longer. But heating destroys the enzymes that make fresh orange juice taste so good. At Harvey's, we super-chill our juice immediately, which preserves all those wonderful flavors and extends shelf life to about two weeks. Not that you'll have any left by then... customers tell us it's usually gone within a couple of days.

Juice is made from the sweetest, juiciest fruit in season.

Each type of orange (there are many) has its own unique flavors and qualities, and they grow at different times during the season. Depending on availability, Harvey's OJ may contain juice from up to six varieties! As a result, the flavors in our fresh-squeezed juice vary from batch to batch, but all are refreshing, unique and delicious.

When we say "fresh,"
we mean fresh!

At Harvey's, we produce fresh-squeezed orange juice in our packing house in Rockledge, and we sell it ONLY in our two stores. Other producers send their oranges to large, commercial juicers for processing and bottling. Not Harvey's, though: we carefully select oranges that are at their peak for juicing, then squeeze, super-chill and bottle it right in our packing house, then rush it to our stores for you.

Sorry, but fresh orange juice cannot be shipped.

Stores open in late October.
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Available in late October, ONLY at Harvey's retail stores!

3700 S. US Hwy. 1
Rockledge FL 32955
1215 W. New Haven Ave.
West Melbourne FL 32904
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George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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Brevard County: 321-636-6072
Mon.-Sat., 8:00am-5:00pm EST
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