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Holiday Drinks with Alcohol Featuring Citrus Fruits

Hosting a Holiday Party: Holiday Drinks With Alcohol Featuring Citrus Fruits

Fresh fruit drink recipes featuring alcohol are at the top of the list when planning holiday parties. Many party hosts have traditional holiday drink ideas in mind for get-togethers, and some are looking for unique holiday drink recipes to offer guests. The best holiday drinks feature the juices of freshly squeezed citrus: sweet honeybells, juicy Valencia oranges, scrumptious grapefruit and spicy-sweet tangerines. Create fresh citrus fruit drinks with alcohol for the best holiday drinks guests will savor.

Any fresh fruit drink recipes with alcohol can be easily served as non alcoholic drinks, too. With plenty of healthy fruit drinks ready, hosts can offer fresh squeezed juices of Valencia oranges and honeybells to those abstaining from alcohol, and serve delicious citrus fruit drinks that pair well with many types of liquor. Traditional holiday drinks are always a hit at Christmas parties. Try these party drink ideas and treat friends and family to the best holiday drinks.

One of the best holiday drink ideas for Christmas parties is to serve traditional Wassail. These warm holiday drinks are usually made with apple cider simmered with spices and slices of honeybells or Valencia oranges. Hosts can find many easy drink recipes with alcohol for Wassail; different versions add sherry, ale or rum and some recipes entail simmering whole Valencia oranges studded with cloves. These holiday drinks spread a delicious aroma around the party while they’re simmering on the stove or in a slow cooker.

Other favorite holiday drink ideas are mulled wines. Much like Wassail, these holiday drinks are warm wine drinks featuring cinnamon, cloves and other spices. For fresh fruit drink recipes, many people add slices of Valencia oranges, honeybells or tangerines to the mixture while simmering. Lots of warm citrus fruit drinks can be created by adding slices of honeybells, grapefruit, Valencia oranges and tangerines to holiday drink recipes calling for wine, rum or brandy.

Try these recipes:

Mulled Wine

Wassail with Clove-Studded Orange

Champagne Punch

More holiday drinks ideas

A holiday punch with alcohol is always a hit with party-goers, and a festive punch bowl makes a decorative table centerpiece. There are plenty of fresh fruit drink recipes for creating delicious punches and the best main ingredient is always the fresh squeezed juice of honeybells, Valencia oranges, tangerines or grapefruit. Serve holiday drinks from a beautiful punch bowl containing sparkling wine and the fresh juice of sweet honeybells. For citrus fruit drinks that wow, float frozen slices of honeybells, Valencia oranges and tangerines in the punch for a beautiful display that will also help keep the punch cool.

The best fresh fruit drink recipes with alcohol include standard mixed drinks made with vodka, tequila, whiskey and gin. Serve delicious Christmas holiday drinks like Screwdrivers made with the fresh squeezed juice of honeybells. Holiday drinks for festive cocktails can include a colorful Sea Breeze containing delicious cranberry and grapefruit juice. Try adapting popular citrus fruit drinks with alcohol like creating a Gin Fizz with the juice of sweet Valencia oranges as opposed to lemon juice.

All fruit drink recipes with alcohol are more appealing when served with fruit garnishes. These holiday drink ideas include decorating drink glass with wedges of Valencia oranges and tangerines. Many holiday drinks taste better and look more appealing when glass rims are moistened with the juice of sweet honeybells and then dipped in sugar. And don’t forget to highlight citrus fruit drinks by adding slices of Valencia oranges, honeybells and tangerines.

Creating fresh fruit drink recipes with alcohol for holiday parties offers the fresh taste and sweet juicy flavors that will impress guests. Including holiday drink ideas that incorporate the juices of freshly squeezed Valencia oranges, honeybells, tangerines and grapefruit offers a healthy addition to party beverages. Traditional holiday drinks, modern mixed drinks and easy drink recipes with alcohol will always taste and look better when using sweet oranges, grapefruit, honeybells and tangerines. Enjoy citrus fruit drinks with alcohol along with family, friends and neighbors for festive times that will be remembered long after the holiday season.

Try these recipes:

Holiday Citrus Punch

Orange Rum Punch

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