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Juicing Valencia Oranges

When making orange juice, use sweet, juicy Valencia oranges.

Making orange juice from Valencia oranges is one of the best uses for these incredibly juicy citrus fruits. Juicing Valencia oranges is easily accomplished by using a juicer, blender, or by hand-squeezing. Valencia oranges are lusciously sweet and one of the most popular oranges for juicing. Fresh squeezed orange juice made from the Valencias at Harvey's Groves is a delicious, nutritious drink.

Selling fresh squeezed orange juice is what gave Harvey's Groves its start back in 1926. Valencia oranges were squeezed by hand by Roy and Blanche Harvey in the first roadside fruit stand in Florida, and sold for five cents a glass. Even now, making orange juice from Valencias still results in the most refreshing, delicious fresh orange juice. Juicing Valencia oranges from Harvey's Groves results in a healthy, citrus fruit drink full of Vitamin C.

Creating fresh orange juice from Valencias is both healthy and rewarding for the whole family. Children can help make fresh squeezed orange juice and feel proud of their own "homemade" orange juice. Hand squeezing oranges can be done easily with a basic glass or plastic juicer. To make orange juice by hand, roll Valencia oranges on a countertop to soften them, cut them in half, and squeeze and twist them over a juicer.

Many people create fresh orange juice using an electric juicer. Lots of fresh squeezed orange juice can be quickly and easily created this way. Simply wash Valencia oranges, remove the peel, and quarter them before adding to the juicer. For an even healthier orange juice, the entire Valencia can be used – though a bit more bitter tasting, the resulting juice will be richer in vitamins and minerals.

Juicing oranges can even be achieved using a blender or food processor. Simply wash Valencia oranges, peel them, separate the orange wedges and remove any pith or seeds. For great orange juice, blend the wedges until liquefied; add water if needed, and sweeten with honey or agave nectar if desired. This fresh orange juice will have plenty of pulp and can be strained if preferred.

Making orange juice from sweet Valencia oranges is a great start for fresh juice recipes.

Though freshly squeezed orange juice is wonderfully delicious on its own, it’s also a great base for other delicious fruity drinks. Experiment with fresh juice recipes like orange spritzers – just combine fresh squeezed orange juice with carbonated water or sparkling cider. Add fresh orange juice when blending smoothies full of peaches, mangoes, cherries and bananas. And Valencia orange juice is the perfect ingredient for a fruit punch, especially when the punch bowl is topped off with frozen Valencia orange slices.

Enjoy making orange juice to use in a variety of fresh juice recipes or to be savored as fresh squeezed orange juice for a Sunday brunch. Juicing Valencia oranges from Harvey's Groves gives you sweet orange juice from Valencias that are hand-picked fresh from our family-owned groves in Florida’s acclaimed Indian River region. Our fresh juicing oranges are hand-packed with pride and shipped to customers in refrigerated trucks. Valencia oranges have a long shelf life and they can also be refrigerated for two to three weeks without losing their sweet flavor.

For fresh squeezed orange juice, rely on the incredibly sweet and juicy Valencias from Harvey's Groves. These juicing oranges are available in full bushels to offer you a generous supply of fresh oranges for making orange juice. Our Valencia oranges benefit from decades of growing experience, and they thrive in the sunshine and nutrient-rich soil of our family-run orchards on Florida’s famed Merritt Island. Create fresh orange juice from Harvey’s Groves’ Valencia oranges and enjoy a juicy burst of Florida sunshine in every glass.

George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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