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Valencia Orange Garnishes

Valencia orange garnishes add flavor and flair.

Making Valencia orange garnishes for drinks and foods is a great way to use every part of delicious Valencia oranges. Creating orange garnishes is both resourceful and fun, and offers a way to use the rest of a Valencia after the sweet segments have been eaten and the juice has been savored. Citrus garnishes are a popular way to top off drinks or to decorate baked goods and other foods. Whether creating food garnishes or a special drink garnish, try some of these garnish ideas for Harvey’s Groves’ Valencia oranges.

Easy Valencia orange garnishes can be made for soft drinks, juices and alcoholic drinks. Create orange garnishes for water and iced tea glasses by simply cutting a small slit in slices of Valencia oranges and placing them on glass rims. Another cut orange garnish that looks great is to cut small wedges of Florida oranges and place them on drink rims. The wedges of Valencia oranges are also a popular addition to bottles of lager beers or lemon-lime sodas.

Add a drink garnish, like slices and wedges of these Florida oranges, to beverages by simply floating them in glasses. Theses orange garnishes look beautiful when added to a punch bowl of colorful juice and carbonated water or sparkling wine. Citrus garnishes of sliced Valencia oranges are the perfect addition to a large pitcher of Sangria. For fun and functional Valencia orange garnishes, freeze sweet Valencia orange wedges and use them as ice cubes.

There are lots of Valencia orange garnishes that can be created using the peel of Valencia oranges. Make an orange peel garnish like a rose by peeling a long strip of orange peel and wrapping and curling it into the shape of the popular flower. Orange garnishes like curls and twists can be created using small strips of Valencia orange peel and look fantastic dangling from glass drink rims. For an impressive drink garnish, cut a long, thin strip of orange peel, fold it accordion-style and feed a decorative toothpick through the center of the folds.

Valencia oranges are also wonderful garnishes for cakes and savory foods. Make Valencia orange garnishes for baked goods by fanning Valencia orange segments around the top of a layered vanilla cake, or place a single orange wedge on top of a chocolate orange cupcake. Create food garnishes for delicious dishes like Orange Chicken by plating the dish with Valencia orange slices and wedges. Try orange garnishes like surrounding a roasted chicken with orange wedges or topping a glazed ham with orange slices while baking.

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Valencia orange garnishes brighten any dish.

There are also Valencia orange garnishes that are as wonderful to eat as they are to look at. Make an orange peel garnish like candied orange peel to decorate baked goods, or to simply eat as tasty snacks. Easy orange garnishes like orange sugar can be made by combining fine Valencia orange zest and granulated sugar. For an amazing drink garnish, moisten the rim of a glass with Valencia orange juice, then dip the rim in the orange sugar.

Valencia oranges are also great for use as mini serving bowls. After juicing, make Valencia orange garnishes that are actually halved oranges with the pulp removed. Use these halved Florida oranges to serve fruit salad, jello or yogurt for a fun presentation. Cut ridges in these orange garnishes for an even more impressive display.

Valencia orange garnishes can be anything from a juicy slice resting on a beverage or a bit of orange zest sprinkled over a hot cocoa, to Valencia orange wedges adorning an entrée platter at a dinner party. Orange garnishes are a beautiful, and often edible, way to add a decorative touch to desserts, drinks and main dishes. Play with citrus garnishes using Valencia orange peels and zest and get the most out of Harvey’s Groves’ fresh Valencias. Our Valencia oranges are hand-picked at our groves in Florida’s acclaimed Indian River region and shipped directly to your door to enjoy.

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