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Brevard County: 321-636-6072 1-800-327-9312
Office hours: Mon.-Sat., 8:00am-5:00pm EST

What Are Valencia Oranges?

Make fresh squeezed Valencia orange juice with our incredibly sweet Florida oranges.

What is a Valencia orange? Valencia oranges are one of the most popular citrus fruits: incredibly sweet, thin-skinned and dripping with juice. Valencia orange juice can't be beat when it comes to freshly-squeezed juices. These Indian River oranges from Harvey's Groves are a must-have gourmet fruit for citrus fruit enthusiasts.

Valencias are also known as summer oranges, as they're one of the last oranges of the season. These Florida oranges are available March through April after other citrus varieties have completed their season. Fragrant Valencia oranges have sweet, juicy and tender flesh and a bright, smooth and pebbled surface. Picked fresh from the Valencia orange trees at our family-owned orchards, Valencia oranges are the perfect fruit for snacking, and they're the go-to fruit to make the best fresh orange juice.

Our Indian River oranges are what gave us our start back in 1926 when Roy and Blanche Harvey opened the first roadside fruit stand in Florida. We sold fresh orange juice, squeezed by hand, for five cents a glass. Today, our Valencia oranges are still the perfect oranges for creating the most delicious freshly squeezed juice. These Florida oranges offer drip-down-your-chin juiciness whether they’re eaten by hand or savored in orange juice over a Sunday brunch.

Some interesting facts about oranges like the Valencia are that the original Valencia orange was discovered in Valencia, Spain, where it received its name. It’s known that Florida oranges are a wonderful source of Vitamin C, but they're also rich in fiber and folate, and contain antioxidants that help boost immunity. Valencias are a popular snack to pack in lunchboxes, backpacks and briefcases. Valencia oranges are a timeless, traditional treat that are enjoyed by young and old alike.

Juicy Valencia oranges are bursting with drip-down-your-chin deliciousness.

Perfect for fresh orange juice, Valencia oranges are one of the juiciest varieties of citrus fruits. Valencias have been treasured for generations for their sweet flavor and make a great addition to salads and fresh fruit drinks. Valencia oranges are perfect for slicing into wedges, also known as "smiles," for serving as snacks, or for using as plate garnishes. Cut these Florida oranges into wedges, chill them in the freezer, and serve them like ice cubes in drinks for a refreshingly cool, sweet surprise.

Harvey's Groves' Valencias are grown in our family-owned orchards in the acclaimed Indian River region of Florida. Our Valencia oranges were first planted in our Merritt Island groves in 1926. Perfect as Valencia orange juice, these Valencias and our other Indian River fruit benefit from nutrient-rich soil and decades of growing experience. Our Valencia orange trees are protected by brackish ocean currents in winter and are kept cool in summer by these same ocean currents.

Valencias have a long shelf life and can also be refrigerated for two to three weeks to enjoy without loosing their sweet flavor. Our Valencia oranges are cared for with pride by family members who run our business. We pick our Indian River oranges at the peak of ripeness to fulfill orders. Our fresh Florida oranges are hand-picked and hand-packed and shipped to customers in refrigerated trucks. Harvey's Groves' Valencias are incredibly sweet and juicy, and one of our most popular citrus fruits. These Valencia oranges are available in bushel sizes of one-eighth bushels to full bushels, and as part of our Citrus Gift Fruit of The Month Club. Whether used for fresh orange juice or as fresh fruit snacks, these Indian River oranges deliver the sweet juiciness that citrus lovers have enjoyed for decades. Treat yourself to sweet Florida oranges like Valencias to savor a juicy burst of Florida sunshine in every bite.

George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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