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Brevard County: 321-636-6072 1-800-327-9312
Office hours: Mon.-Sat., 8:00am-5:00pm EST

What is a Honeybell Orange?

Florida Honeybells, Honeybell Tangelos & Indian River Oranges

So what is a Honeybell orange?

Honeybell oranges are a cross between a Duncan grapefruit and Dancy tangerines. Honeybells are also known as Honeybell tangelos, tangelos, Honeybelles and Minneola tangelos. Florida Honeybells from Harvey’s Groves are a must-have gourmet fruit for citrus fruit enthusiasts.

Honeybells are wonderfully sweet and remarkably juicy. Honeybell oranges have deep orange meat and a luscious sweet flavor. Florida Honeybells are virtually seedless and feature a unique honey-sweet taste. A Honeybell orange, or Minneola tangelo, is drip-down-your-chin delicious and makes an ideal sweet and healthy snack.

Luscious Honeybells feature bright, fiery peels and they’re incredibly easy to peel. In fact, our Honeybell oranges are so easy to peel, we call them Zipper Skins! These Florida Honeybells segment easily, and make ideal fruits for snacking. And, the juicy Honeybell tangelo makes delicious fresh squeezed juice.

The season for Honeybells is short, often just the month of January. Many people place orders for Honeybell oranges a few times during that month to ensure they can enjoy as many Honeybell tangelos as possible! We grow popular Florida Honeybells in a few different sizes. Our full size tangelos are large with a unique bell shape, and our petite, snack size Honeybells are simply a smaller version that’s perfect for snacking.

Honeybells, Honeybell Oranges, Florida Honeybells & Honeybell Tangelo

Honeybells are a wonderful citrus fruit to use in recipes.

Combine Honeybell tangelo juice with olive oil, white wine vinegar, rosemary and salt for an amazing salad dressing. Use the juice and zest of Honeybell tangelos in recipes for desserts and sauces the same way an orange would be used. Our Minneola tangelo is so incredibly juicy, it's perfect for juicing to enjoy a healthy, refreshing drink.

Harvey's Groves Honeybells are grown in our family-owned orchards in Florida's acclaimed Indian River region. Our Honeybell oranges were first planted in our groves on Merritt Island in 1926. These Florida Honeybells and our other Indian River fruit benefit from the nutrient-rich soil and decades of growing experience. Our Honeybell orange trees are protected by brackish ocean currents in winter and are kept cool in summer by the same ocean currents.

As our Honeybells are grown in what is considered the best place in the world to grow citrus fruit, our Minneola tangelos are unparalleled in size, texture, appearance, flavor and quality. Our Honeybell oranges are tended to with pride by the family members who run our business. And we pick our Florida Honeybells at the peak of ripeness to fulfill orders. These fresh Honeybell tangelos are hand-picked and hand-packed and shipped to customers in refrigerated trucks.

Harvey’s Groves Honeybells are amazingly sweet and juicy, and definitely one of our most popular citrus fruits. Our Minneola tangelos are available in bushel sizes of one-eighth bushels to full bushels, and as part of fruit combos and assortments with other Indian River oranges. These delicious Florida Honeybells make the perfect holiday gifts for friends and family. Enjoy sweet Honeybell oranges that offer a juicy burst of Florida sunshine in every bite.

George Harvey
George Harvey displays his award-winning fruit at a trade show in the 1960s.

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